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About Us

Dat Chi Technology What We Do

Dat Chi Technology are mainly manufacturing and distributing Automotive Electronics & Semiconductor Parts for clients who are based in Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia. With an experienced and strong management workforce, highly skilled machinists and high quality materials, we are looking forward to expand our business portfolios by setting up more manufacturing plants; aiming to offer our professional engineering and manufacturing services to wider range of clients from other countries. 

What We Do?

Dat Chi Technology Our Code of Client Service Ethics

We adhere confidently on the concept of consistent and effective communication with our clients. Feedbacks in any forms are to be reviewed constantly for potential continous improvement efforts in enhancing our product quality and output capacity. Thus, we emphasize strictly on the followings:


// Maintain Harmonious Client-Vendor Relationship.

// Understand and Recognize Client's Requirements Appropriately.


// Propose Cost Effective Engineering Solutions Towards High Quality Output. 


// Ensure Timely Product Delivery with Professional After Sales Support. 

Our Code of Client Service Ethics

"Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results."

Dat Chi Technology Our Vision

Our Vision

Dat Chi Technology sets to maintain its reputation as a reliable and consistent manufacturer in Precision Tool Engineering; providing passionate and high service level qualities to our potential and existing clients at all times.


We aim to be a solid global manufacturer (covering more countries across Asia) with the latest and sophisticated equipment, machineries and plant setups; at the same time having the capacity to meet the ever-growing global demand standards for high quality products (with competitive pricing) in the Automotive, Electronic, Semiconductor and other High-Tech industries.

Continuous Research & Developments efforts are one of our core business priorities; allowing us to discover and formulate new breakthrough mechanism and innovations in achieving output capacity and efficiency at greater heights.

"Progressing towards

an evolution in modern

& contemporary Precision Tool Engineering."

DatChiTechnology_Our Mission.jpg

Our Mission

// To maintain the quality consistency of our product and the reliability of our services, as an assurance that client's specifications, requirements, expectations and satisfactions are met at all times. 

// To ensure our workforce undergo the relevant up-to-date training programs on all engineering and manufacturing aspects, both technical and functional, from time to time. 

// To continuously audit on all existing manufacturing processes against the relevant up-to-date technologies from time to time with subsequent implementations of such.

// To build and maintain a productive and professional workforce with positive teamwork spirit, high dedication and strong commitment. 

// To ensure our clients achieve possible competitive business advantages through the engagement of our services, especially in the aspect of best quality price ratio. 

// To effectively manage and maintain a well-planned inventories on incoming of raw materials and downtime of manufacturing machineries; in catering to clients’ upcoming orders with an effective commitment towards timely product delivery. 

"Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress & working together is SUCCESS"

"INNOVATION is OUR new competitive advantage."

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