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Manufacturer of Automotive Electronics & Semi-Conductor Parts

Manufacturer of Automotive
Electronics & Semiconductor Parts 

Dat Chi Technology adheres to the Business Motto of:

"Towards Ultimate Precision"

A Reputable Brand That Produces Full Control, Precision, Accuracy

& Speed in Every Inch of Our Work & Technology.

Dat Chi Group of Companies, namely Dat Chi Co., Ltd and Dat Chi Technology (Malaysia) have been in operation as an active industry player of within this related field (Precision Tool Engineering) since 1997 till to date. We have now grown into a well-established company with a team of more than fifty (50) well-trained employees with professional workmanship, which also includes five (5) professional and certified machinists. We have successfully invested into the latest advanced technology equipment and built production centres, both locally and globally, comprising of a total line up of thirty-five (35) units of the world class machineries. Thus, gearing Dat Chi Technology forward with the abilities to deliver high-end and high precision engineering products in compliance to our existing and potential client's strict product specifications and delivery timeline.

Over the years, Dat Chi Technology has successful make its debut, recognition and brand name for being an expert and also a key manufacturer for automotive electronics and semiconductor parts globally, especially for clients that are based in Vietnam and Japan. 

The continuous consistency towards the high quality of our production outputs has been our fundamental business competency, leading us to be one of the longest surviving pioneers in this industry. This is one of the main reasons that justify on many returning clients with repeating regular orders with us till today.

Our Services Include

CNC Milling Service // CNC Turning

CNC Wirecut // CNC Auto Lathe 

EDM Die Sinking // Laser Engraving

Surface Grinding // Sheet Metal Bending

Precision Grinding // EDM Super Drill

 High Quality Materials



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